Pastor's Blog

  • He Gives Purpose

    In December of 1992 I was changed forever.  That was the day that God became real to me.  I was spiritually born.  I had an awareness of God that I never had before.  The old things had passed away and I became a new person in Christ.  God began to patiently shape me and mold me […]
  • Changed Forever

    Late in 1992, on a Sunday evening, in a small church on the backside of Hayward, my life was changed forever. I had been going to church for about a month now, but only to fulfill a promise to my son that I would try it out. Sunday evening services were not something I went to and […]
  • Continuing the legacy

    Dating back to 1918, Templo De La Cruz was founded by Pastor Domingo Cruz. Right in the heart of Hayward, this church started as a Spanish speaking church, but today all of our services are held in English. The church is made up of a multi-cultural, multi-generational family of believers that sincerely love Jesus with […]

    Our Pastor, John Masis, will be sharing his heart every week. Everything from recent thoughts, heart impressions, and even recaps of what is currently going on in his life, this blog will definitely be one of inspiration and encouragement! Stay tuned for blogs straight from a fathers heart!