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In August of 2017 Templo De La Cruz sent a Missions Team to Nicaragua.  We had an open door of many ministry opportunities, but the one that impacted us the most was Centro Infantil El Camino in Acauhalinca, Managua, Nicaragua.  Acauhalinca is the poorest neighborhood in Managua.  El Camino is a school for the children of Acuahalinca founded by missionaries John and Wilma Hall.


The children of Acuahalinca captured our hearts and we support them on a monthly basis to help keep the school running.  We plan to return as we can and continue being the hands and feet of Jesus to the beautiful children there. 


Please keep the children of Acuahalinca in your prayers and if you would consider giving monthly support and/or a one time gift we would greatly appreciate it and so would the children.  


You can give by clicking the link to our Giving page and dropping down to Nicaragua School/Children.

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