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Easter Extravagance (April 8,2020)

In a few more days we will be celebrating, as society calls it, Easter Sunday. But this day is known differently to the church and has such a significant and life- altering meaning to those who believe in Jesus Christ. Its importance can be clouded by people's elegant attires, wonderful celebrations and activities, parades, and even meals fit to be served in some of the worlds most exquisite restaurants. For so many years, I viewed and celebrated Easter in this same manner until the day I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. On the day I asked Jesus into my life, it was as if I realized I have been blind my whole life; and just as the writer of the song Amazing Grace wrote, “ Twas blind but now I see”, I could see clearly now that this day has been mislabeled.

This day was more than just a holiday to celebrate. Though having been crucified and laid in a sealed tomb for 3 days, Jesus arose, fulfilling the words He has spoken to His disciples in Mark 9:31: "and after 3 days He will rise again.” The moment Jesus resurrected, sin’s power over people's lives was over. There was now the One who would abide within these vessels of clay, who was greater than he who is in this world (1 John 4:4). Fear, sickness, hopelessness, loneliness, and so many other things may never again dictate the life of those who would call upon the risen Savior. It is a day that would change the course of my life and everyone else who put their trust in Jesus.

This day is a day we are to hold in Holy Reverence- a day of celebrating Jesus' victory over death and grave. It is only by the clarity given by the Holy Spirit that we can understand the true meaning of this glorious day- a day that we can appreciate, celebrate, and glorify God along with all those who would call upon the name of Jesus. This day as we know it, is RESURRECTION SUNDAY!

It is important for us to remember not to be drawn to and blinded by the world’s pomp and circumstance as they celebrate Easter, but let us stay rooted and grounded, never losing sight of the significance of Resurrection Sunday and the sacrifice Jesus made so that we may live.


- Pastor Paul Roman-

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